Cooking meals can become difficult and even dangerous for some of our clients over time. Especially for older adults, eating a balanced diet with proper nutrition is necessary for keeping in good health. Your loved ones may have medical conditions where preparing a nourishing meal may pose a difficult task for them.  Processed foods, losses of appetite, other conditions and eating habits developed over the years also contribute to older adults’ lack of nutrition.  Our services include meal preparation, from cooking to cleaning and doing the dishes. We consider our client's dietary needs and believe that a wholesome, well-rounded meal is vital for good health.

People are social beings and one of the most valuable things that any of us can have is human companionship. For many, aging & physical disability can become a strenuous practice.  

As we grow older, our social circles often become smaller due to restricted mobility & limited access to transportation.  This lack of social interaction can lead to worsened health as social needs are closely related to mental and physical well being. Caregivers that offer steady care and companionship often become a true friend of the family.  We help your loved one stay active by revisiting past hobbies, organizing social visits, and taking them on fun outings.

As your loved ones grow older, their driving abilities may decline. Impaired vision and hearing, slower motor reflexes, and insufficient ability to rapidly change behavior contribute to the vulnerability to being involved in traffic accidents. However, losing the ability to drive doesn’t have to mean losing independence. Sometimes even your loved ones have to run errands, go to appointments, attend social events or visit friends and family. Home Guardian Angels can provide your loved one with easy access to transportation.   Apart from home care, our caretakers are also qualified to safely transport your loved ones wherever they need to go (appointments, shopping, family visits, etc.) and bring them back home safely.

Many of our clients need help with light housekeeping when housework becomes a challenge to maintain. Our caretakers believe that there is no place like home, so aiding people in keeping their living space clean and welcoming comes natural. Keeping the home clean is important to the health and state of well-being. An unclean environment allows germs to thrive, increasing the likelihood of your loved one coming into contact with harmful bacteria that may be detrimental to their health. Keeping the home sanitary is of utmost importance, whether vacuuming, mopping, dishes, laundry, trash or other routine housekeeping, our caregivers are there for our clients. 

Our Caregivers cannot administer medications which include but not limited to injections, force feeding, IV therapy and suppositories, as it is required by CA law to be a licensed nurse to perform these duties. Although we cannot help with administration, our staff will help people stay on time and on target with medication dosage and scheduling. Aging adults may need to take medications & visit the hospital periodically to communicate with healthcare professionals.  However keeping track of multiple medications, how much to take and directions for how to take them, can be troublesome. Our Caregivers are careful to ensure that your loved one is taking the medication they need when they need it. 

Daily activities as cooking, eating or even  getting dressed are task many of us take for granted, yet these simple activities can become difficult as we begin to age. Our Caregivers create a better quality of life for your loved one by assisting with bathing, showering, dressing, grooming, hygiene, incontinence & mobility, all with our clients best interest in mind. Our range of care services can be provided with full assistance, in which our Caregivers provide hands-on care, or stand by assistance, in which our Caregivers will provide aid without physically supporting your loved one. We will work with you to customize a personal care plan that fits your loved ones’ needs.







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